Mrs. Green Has the Cannabis Collard Green Recipe That Will Melt Your Troubles Away


A former paramedic captures that—and more—in his weed-infused soul food cookbook. rs. Green is a 70-something Roseland grandma living with her weed-dealing nephew who keeps her well supplied with bud. Her children—a military vet with PTSD and a drinking problem, a pastor who has lost his spirit, and a lawyer with cancer—all disapprove of her habit. But that all changes after Christmas dinner when she accidentally spills cannabis oil into the collards and everybody’s problems…

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For Cannabis Companies, Coronavirus Threatens to Smoke Cash Flows

In a world suddenly disrupted by coronavirus (COVID-19) and its fallout — anxiety, the market free fall, increasing instances of self-quarantine and a consumer stampede every time hand sanitizer reappears on store shelves — the cannabis startup universe is no exception. “The way that we are changing our business is that we are not doing live meetings or attending or speaking at events,” shared Wendy Robbins, half of the entrepreneurial duo (with Karen Paull) behind…

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A Tiny African Kingdom Wants to Export Its Cannabis to the World

Marijuana has been cultivated in Lesotho for centuries. Now it’s a critical piece of the government’s agricultural strategy. Kekeletso Lekaota spends her work days nurturing rows of cannabis plants for harvest. Pruning a few yellowed leaves from stems with thick, flowering heads, she says the job requires a soft touch and delicate hands. It’s a crop Lekaota had no experience with 18 months ago, when she saw an advertisement for a grower in her local…

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Medical Patients in Purgatory as High-Court Deliberates

CANNABIS CULTURE – Picture this, you are an 81-year old widow with rheumatoid arthritis and vision limited by glaucoma. To dull the ceaseless pain of existence your doctor has prescribed you into narcotic inertia. Your monthly supply of opioids come in a jar the size one would expect to see mayonnaise, kimchi or baby dills in. The bottle has one line of instructions “use as needed” The pills kill your appetite, exhaust your capacity to…

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New Cannabis Products: Loose Leaf Tea, Massage Service, Cleansing Oil and a Smart Pod System

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently. The Veritas Beauty Line Expanding its offerings of full spectrum hemp products, Veritas Farms Inc. VFRM 0.63% announced its new beauty line, Veritas Beauty. The company launched the brand as a response to the growing demand from customers for a…

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