My First Indoor Grow: Part 3 – Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button So after yesterday’s revelation, I needed a little help. Today, I walked into work and got to tell my coworkers about my stupid mistake. Thankfully, they sent me home with a plan.
My plants never truly entered the flowering stage, because of the extra 12 hours of blue light, but for the past three weeks I’ve been feeding them flowering nutrients. So my first step is to flush the flower nutrients from the soil. I am planning on flushing the soil another two times, and then switching the plants back to veg nutrients for two weeks, and reinitiating the flowering process.
Today, I trimmed down the plants rather considerably, since they had grown so tall, and evened out the branches. Each of my four plants seems to have one branch that grew rather considerably longer than the others. So this should hopefully even out the growth, so the plants grow bushier and more evenly.
I will report back once I see how the plants respond.
The post My First Indoor Grow: Part 3..

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Oregon’s cannabis glut a cautionary tale

PORTLAND — When Oregon lawmakers created the state’s legal marijuana program, they had one goal in mind above all else: to convince illicit pot growers to leave the black market.
That meant low barriers for entering the industry that also targeted long-standing medical marijuana growers, whose product is not taxed. As a result, weed production boomed — with a bitter consequence.
Now, marijuana prices here are in freefall, and the craft cannabis farmers who put Oregon on the map decades before broad legalization say they are in peril of losing their now-legal businesses as the market adjusts.
Oregon regulators on Wednesday announced they will stop processing new applications for marijuana licenses in two weeks to address a severe backlog and ask state lawmakers to take up the issue next year.
Experts say the dizzying evolution of Oregon’s marijuana industry may well be a cautionary tale for California, where a similar regulatory structure could mean an oversupply on a much larger sc..

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Clark County Council doesn’t change stance on legal pot

No member of the Clark County Council signaled that they had a change of heart regarding the county’s restrictions on pot following a nearly 2 1/2 -hour special work session on cannabis Wednesday evening.
The wide-ranging work session was the second the council has held on the topic this year as the county has considered lifting its ban on recreational businesses it’s had in place since recreational sales were legalized in Washington.
In recent months, the county has begun rethinking its position after recreational pot shops have sprung up in Vancouver and Battle Ground and Oregon legalized the drug in 2014.
Republican Councilors Jeanne Stewart and Eileen Quiring have remained steadfastly opposed to lifting the county’s restrictions. Councilors John Blom and Julie Olson (also Republicans) have expressed some interest in lifting the ban. Council Chair Marc Boldt, no party preference, had previously been open to lifting the ban but later reversed his position.
The topic has become an..

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Pot shop clashes with tourism in eclectic Alaska town

TALKEETNA, Alaska — The presence of a marijuana retail store has caused a deep divide in this quirky tourist town, where hundreds of visitors roam the streets daily browsing in art galleries and souvenir shops housed in historic cabins.
Most of Talkeetna’s stores line the two long blocks that make up its Main Street, where tourists — many who arrive in Alaska on cruise ships and are bused about two hours north from Anchorage — wander into storefronts like Nagley’s General Store for ice cream or slip through its back door for a cold one at the West Rib Bar and Grill.
At Main Street’s opposite end, near a river park where visitors snap photos of the continent’s tallest mountain, is Talkeetna’s newest venture into the tourism trade. The High Expedition Co. is a nod to the rich mountain climbing history of the eclectic community purported to be the inspiration for the 1990s television series “Northern Exposure.”
Talkeetna’s first marijuana retail store is causing a rift not seen in othe..

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Oregon wildfires worry cannabis growers

PORTLAND — Wildfires scorching hundreds of acres in Southern Oregon are prompting evacuations, canceling popular performances of the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and casting a smoky cloud over the region’s most famous crop.
Marijuana growers say the wildfires have turned what normally would be the sun-drenched end of summer into a smoky haze that has affected their plants and field workers.
“The smoke down here is choking out everything,” said Brent Kenyon, a longtime marijuana grower in Eagle Point who owns Oregon Cannabis Farms.
He said the haze has covered the crop like a “plastic layer” sealing out direct sunlight as the plants head into its critical flowering stage.
Michael Monarch, owner of Epic Family Farms in Talent, Ore., said he sent field workers home early on Wednesday because of poor air quality.
“The smoke is not fun at all,” he said. “We are wearing masks and dealing with the carbon in the air.”
Jackson and Josephine counties make up the epicenter of outdoor mariju..

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