Custom Grinders

Herb grinders are staple items for every weed smoker.  Since you will find them in every stash box, you can guarantee that your customers are getting a promo product that they will keep and use.  Smoking is a social event.  Because people rarely smoke alone, they will undoubtedly discuss the herb grinder and their experience with your business.  With your grinder getting daily use you know our logo will get plenty of views.

Customize herb grinders with your art or logo to create your own retail brand.  Custom grinders make great dispensary giveaways, album or movie wrap party swag, holiday gifts and great promo anywhere cannabis industry professionals want to leave an impression. Give a grinder with your logo everywhere boring old cannabis promo items just wont do.

Quality Herb Grinders Fast!

From the high end 4-piece grinder, to the budget friendly acrylic grinder, we have a wide variety of custom grinder options to choose from.  Wooden grinders, plastic grinders and, metal grinders in two, three and four piece options in stock and ready to ship. Most of our herb grinder styles come in several vibrant colors to match any color scheme.  Most herb grinders are available in multiple sizes.

Whether you are buying 1 piece or a wholesale order, you can expect fast fulfillment and quality decoration on every order.  Buy herb grinders in bulk and save with wholesale pricing.  Our herb grinders are in stock and decorated in the USA for crazy fast turn times.  Orders ship in 10 business days or less.  Get yours today!

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We've begun making daily improvements to the site, please excuse any work in progress.

We’ve begun making daily improvements to the site, please excuse any work in progress.