Custom Stash Jars

Custom stash jars are a durable and long lasting solution for all promo needs. Perfect for displaying herbs on a dispensary countertop. Because they are completely clear, prize winning nugs will be easy to admire and not touch. Since they are not cannabis specific, nug jars have practical use in a wide range of categories. Because, music fans have plenty of t-shirts, they deserve something more creative.  Custom stash jars with band logos are a great alternative to the boring concert swag everyone else is selling at their shows.

Since our custom stash jars are completely transparent, you get a 360 degree view of whatever is inside. With a snug fitting glass lid with plastic gasket for a tight seal, odors stay locked in herbs stay dry.  Glass stash jars are food grade and dishwasher safe so they don’t break when washed.

High Quality Custom Stash Jars Fast

Our glass stash jars are made and decorated in the USA! With a variety of sizes, styles and shapes in stock and ready to ship, you get your order fast.  Standard turn time is 10 days or less when ordering in stock product. We do not use any stickers or decals. Decorate the lid and sides of each jar in one of two ways. Custom stash jars are laser etched for permanent decoration or printed for cost effectiveness.  Laser decoration can never be removed from the jar. Permanent means permanent. You have to destroy the stash jar to remove your logo.  Printed options cost less but the decoration may wear or fade over time.

Whether you are buying a small order or doing a large run, you can expect fast fulfillment and quality decoration on every order. Printed glass needs to be hand washed.  Buy in bulk and save with wholesale pricing.

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We've begun making daily improvements to the site, please excuse any work in progress.

We’ve begun making daily improvements to the site, please excuse any work in progress.