Dip Can One Hitter Dugout

As low as $6.50

Dip Can One Hitter Dugout

As low as $6.50

Dip Can One Hitter Dugout with Your Custom Art

  • FREE 2″ reusable aluminum hitter included
  • Waterproof to keep your herbs dry
  • Full color vinyl decals
  • Durable American hardwood inserts
  • Pop top for easy access
  • Custom decorated one hitter pipe available
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Dip Can One Hitter Dugout


Dip Can One Hitter Dugout with bat

It’s like a normal dip can… but for your weed.  Never touch a man’s dip can. Its guy code.  With a Dip Can One Hitter Dugout you can stash your herb in plain sight. Set down your stash without worry.  Since it looks like a dip can, people will assume it is a normal tobacco tin and steer clear.

Our dip can one hitter dugout is inspired by the old school swivel top dugout design everyone loves.  Popping the lid simultaneously releases an aluminum one hitter and reveals the sweet aroma of your favorite blend.  No fumbling with rolling papers in public.  No lingering odor of a smelly pipe.   Just pop the top to reveal a solid wood insert with two storage slots for your favorite herb along with a 2″ aluminum bat.  The dugout pipe offers a convenience, and versatility that other smoking accessories just don’t provide.  Slide the dip can out of your pocket to sneak a toke anywhere, subtly while on the go.  Just pack the pipe and light.

What You Get

All dip can one hitter dugout inserts are made from quality Amish hardwoods sustainably sourced in southeast Wisconsin.  The strength and density of the wood used for our dugouts is durable enough to survive as much abuse, accidental or intentional, you can throw at it.  Since the lid forms a tight seal, there are no lingering odors from the contents.  The tight seal of our dip can, along with the natural aroma of the wood keeps the odors at bay and your herbs dry.

Every hitter box includes a one hitter pipe made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and looks like a real cigarette.  Because it is 2 inches, the reusable cigarette stores snugly in the one hitter box between uses.  A one hitter is the best way to smoke and conserve your herbs at the same time.  No smoldering debris or excess smoke.  Just pack, light, smoke and repeat as needed.

Stock Dip Can Designs

Having a tough time coming up with an original design for your custom dip can one hitter dugout?  Choose one of our unique stock dugout options or just take a look at some of our stock designs to help get the ideas flowing.  Click the link to see shop our available Dip Can One Hitter Dugout options.


**For questions about acceptable art, please take a look at our art readiness page.

***Need your order expedited?  No problem!  Choose, “I Need it Fast,” at checkout and we will work late to get your order done right away

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 63.5 × 63.5 × 22 mm


Production Time:

Approximately 10 days based on order size. Approximately 30 days for back orders. Turn times may vary based on quantity and complexity of order.

Setup Cost

$40 for each new design

Customization Options

Full Color Decals

Customizable Surface Area:

Lid is 2.2" x 2.2" Side is 7.8" x .7"

Display Information

No displays available at this time

Display Size:


Product Materials

Aluminum, Plastic, Wood

Additional Details:

No two trees are the same so there may be variations in color; grain or overall appearance



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